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An App for that: Redonkulous Summer Gas Prices

Cost/ Discount: Cheaper than a gallon of gas
Location: US & Canada

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a princess who got a brand new chariot. It was a shiny red chariot, that when filled only cost the princess 1100 pence… and then one day along came a wicked witch…

90s gas prices now seem like a fairy tale to you? Don’t let astronomical costs cancel your summer travel.

Check out these apps:
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Tech Summer Camp: Early Bird Special

Dates: JUNE 11, 2012 – AUGUST 17, 2012
Cost/ Discount: Save $50 Per Course register by 3.31.12 / Refer A Friend* and get $60
Locations: Various, Nationwide

Digital Media Academy Program is the WORLD’s #1 pre-college technology camp for Teens. The camp offers programs for ages 6-17 they even have courses for adult learners.

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Shameless Self Promotion

Need a simple web page that gives visitors a peek into your life?
Why not throw in some business cards for free*?

Get yours at

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Dropbox: Need We Say More

Cost/ Discount: 2 GB Storage Free*
Location: Anywhere & Everywhere

I’m in a meeting and one of my clients calls me and wants me to e-mail them a file. OH WHOA IS ME… *slap* [Home Alone Face] What Shall I do?
I accidentally saved over a file and now I can’t revert back to the last version I need… is it time to panic… not if that file is in my Dropbox.

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Free Wi-Fi a mile high?

Cost/ Discount: Free (DUH…)
Location: Anywhere & Everywhere

Join the Mile-High Club wirelessly with Jet Blue. The company will be introducing Wi-Fi in the skies thanks to a partnership with ViaSat. This lil treat from our favorite cheapie airline isn’t launching until late 2012 so in the meantime when you’re out and about this summer use this quick guide to keep you connected to SOAB.
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